Session one

crash landed on Hav’arok.
Started heading toward Hunters guild.
ran into a dire bore.
the Jimbone greased it, and Iato set it and the grease on fire with his breath weapon.
we beat it up and the swashbuckler ran up a tree.
we dragged the bore back to the hunters guild.
we made it to the hunters guild, and the swashbuckler did that trick where he takes of his underwear off without removing his pants.
staying in guest rooms for now.
Jimbone decided it would be a good idea to go down a trapdoor that the guild master told us to leave alone. He was eaten. we’re pretending that didn’t happen.
got 55 hunters license experience points
Jimbone and Swashbuckler drink a strange liquid.
Swashbuckler falls asleep.
woke up 20 minutes later.



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