Iato Irokal

former half-dragon reincarnated as an Aasimar


Iato stepped out of the temple somewhat confused. He couldn’t quite remember what he had been doing or where he was, but he felt different. There was a half-dragon in front of him who looked familiar. …half-dragon.
That’s right, I used to be a half-dragon. It’s why I was kicked out of my village… But I’m not anymore, I could go home!?

But Iato quickly realized that while he was no longer a half-dragon, he was also no longer a member of his race, and that even if they did recognize his face, they would never believe him to be the same person, and he would not be welcomed back in the village.
sigh… oh well. I think I was on a team with this guy, on some sort of mission.

Iato Irokal

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