A Natu with a troubled past and nothing left to lose


X307 Is an experimental Natu clone created by Team Rocket as part of their research on creating Pokemon that know more than four moves. Unfortunately(or fortunately, depending on your perspective), early on in the experiment(too early to tell if it was successful) some crazy homeless kid mounted a successful assault on the Team Rocket lab with a Pikachu. In the resulting confusion, X307 managed to escape from cell X307 (cell number 307 on level X of the base) by electrifying the lock. X307 found his way to a strange room on level Z+ with a mysterious futuristic-looking canon-like device pointing at a mysterious futuristic-looking x-like device on the floor. X307 decided to see what the device did and so pressed the mysterious futuristic-looking button-like device. When after a few seconds nothing had happened except for mysterious futuristic-sounding warm-up-like sounds, X307 decided to take a closer look. But even from the mysterious futuristic-looking x-like device nothing appeared to be happening. Suddenly there was a mysterious futuristic-looking laser-like beam of light. And that’s how X307 ended up on Hav’Arok. Though of where he was he was not yet aware.

continued in Adventure 1.


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