Welcome to the planet of Hav’Arok!

Hundreds of years ago, the planet Earth was finally plunged into nuclear winter, and in a desperate hope to save humanity, the Syndicate of Suns was formed. They are based in one of the many space stations orbiting the now in-hospitable earth, and they have built and sent many exploratory spaceships to look for new homes for humanity. You were hired on by the Sanctum of Suns (or SoS for short) as “Hunters” for the planet Hav’Arok in the nearby Great Andromeda Nebula. Your job description is large and includes things such as exploration, territorial defense, excavation of Artifacts, bounty hunting, and much more. As your shuttle takes off, you look back at earth, and prepare for your voyage to your new home.


kedama Jabez Keulyan Hatate