Session 3

A year and a half later…
After arriving back at the hunters guild from adventures, the gang got back together.
we decided to tackle a mission…
only 2 missions left available.
one is by the post-American army, and is confidential.
the other is from a city in the desert that is being bothered by people
The mission was in a government research facility, where something went wrong gasp
our task is to clear it out with minimal damage to equipment and recover a data disk.
upon entering, Jimbone ran ahead and proceeded to fall down a hole.
Nanoform ignited Grageon Quoward’s torch. the entire torch. he then put out the handle.
Iato Irokal climbed down on a rope to Jimbone, and tied him to the rope. Grageon Quoward pulled us both back up.
we slapped him to wake him up.
we all jumped across the hole.
Rin used shocking grasp to overload the card reader on the door.
On the other side of the door is a large ball of fire monster thing.
We defeated the thing. It hurt us quite a bit. Jimbone almost died.
we found 900 gold, 4 gems(50 each), 3 items:2 scrolls and a potion
scroll 1:undetectable alignment caster level 3rd
scroll 2:detect secret doors cl 1
potion:potion of bears endurence
ran into a trapped door. Rin blew it up.
found a lizard thing in the next room. we killed it.
we got 10000 copper pieces, and a magical chain shirt, normal battle axe, normal hand axe
there was a well with nothing in it. another similar hallway.
this one had a trap next to the hole, making it 15 ft.
everyone got across, but the wizards hellhound was slammed into the end of the hallway, activating a trap.
we disabled the trap and entered a room with pressure traps all over the floor and a curtain.
Grageon Quoward disabled the pressure plates and nanoform burned the curtain.
there was a dire bear covered in metal plates behind it.
It pinned Grageon Quoward right away. he was pinned the entire time.
We eventually killed it. Iato Irokal got sick from it
we got 1200 gold and 5 gems(100 each). a potion of invisibility, a potion of resist electricity 10, a scroll of owls wisdom, cats grace, and bulls strength. cl 3. periapt of wisdom+2
7000 gold for completing the quest.
we got an A rank on the mission.
also got magical scale mail, and a magic scimitar



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