Session 3.5

we started a 6 month journey to Tempest.
month 1:Forest. killed a bunch of monsterous bugs, and a dire badger
month 2:Forest. more monster bug things
day 38: killed psudo-natural dragon
day 39: a mysterious girl riding a wolf passed by us, followed by some Trolls that were chasing her. Jimbone said trolls are usually evil, so we decided to attack them. we defeated two of them and the leader ran away.
we tried to track the wolf, but we failed. we later found wolf tracks going the same way we were already going.
the next day the girl showed up and greeted us.
What pumpkin?
Grageon Quoward managed to escape some flying quicksand.
we were attacked by a land shark. Rose gave us dynamite and also a magic bullet. It was pretty cool.



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